Change For Five

by Nathan Brady

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All songs copyright 2013, NathanBradyTunes.


released March 22, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Nathan Brady (BMI)



all rights reserved


Nathan Brady Cleveland, Ohio

Nathan Brady is an accomplished musician born and raised in the heart of rock-n-roll, Cleveland, Ohio. When he was only 15 he formed a band with his brother, Jacob, called Shades of Grey. They released two full-length CDs. Nathan continued pursuing his musical journey and released his solo CD, Epiphany, in 2004. He continues pumping out new tunes, and loves to perform with old and new friends. ... more

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Track Name: How Are You?
I'm breaking. I'm falling down.
I'm faking. I'm hiding a frown.
Thanks for asking. I'm kind of blue.
Since we're asking, how are?
How are you?
I'm shaking. I just can't slow down.
I feeling like baking. Thanks for sticking around.
Since you're wondering, I'm kind of blue.
Got me wondering, how are you?
How are you?
I know sometimes I may seem distant to you.
But I'm only in my head.
The truth is that I've had resistance to
say the things I've said. How about you?
How about you?
Don't worry. No, don't make a sound.
There's no hurry. We're holding it down.
I'm not masking. I'm kind of blue.
What I'm really asking is how are you?
How are you?
Track Name: Because of You
It's been a while, but it seems so real.
Can someone tell me how to feel?
I know you're there, but I know you're gone.
Although I've felt it all along.
I just don't know what I should do.
I'm feeling sad now, and it's all because of you.
People ask me how I am.
I few choice words I have for them.
If they could see inside my mind,
They see you there and know I'm fine.
For the pain, I don't blame you.
But things are different now, and it's all because of you.

Because of you my life has changed.
Because of you it's rearranged.
Because of you my life has changed.
And I know that things will never be the same,
Because of you.

I feel you standing here with me.
You're saying, "It was meant to be."
You know exactly how I feel.
It's been a while, but it seems so real.
The truth, the love, the light, and you.
I know them all now, and it's all because of you.


And my design of life I thought would be
Does not compare to this mystery.
But I take it day-by-day.
And I know that life's this way.


And I know that everything will be okay
Because of You.
Track Name: Interchange
We are part of a circle. We are part of it all.
Everything goes in a circle. Everything one in all.
If you can imagine a circle encompassing all it surrounds.
Many pieces make up the circle. But still it is one all around.

And I try to see the circle. But I know that it's not there.

I can feel the beating of my heart, feeling remnants of the circle.
All of life is rhythmic balanced interchange
Revealing pieces of the circle.

People often think of a circle as one with no beginning or no end.
This is the great mystery of the circle. If we could only try to comprehend.

And I try to know the circle. And I see it's everywhere.


[Guitar Solo]

Track Name: Meeting Myself Again
It's been so long since I've talked to you. Is it true?
I've heard you slipped away for a while. Where'd you go?
Now I know. To the show...
The show of life, to play the game of the Earth. But now rebirth.
Now you're back. Not taking slack. No remorse
I can see, you have changed, but for the good.
It's You again. It's true again. It's you.
Track Name: Drag Me Down
The sky is falling.
And though I can't reach it,
The truth is calling.
I've got to find a way to meet you half way.
I remember what you said to me, and I know I should feel something.
But the truth is not the whole story, and my thoughts don't matter anyway.

If you want to drag me down
then come on, come on, keep on pulling.
So you want to drag me down.
Well I'm not going down this time.

It all sounds crazy. I just can't believe it.
But it won't paralyze me
I've got a life to live, and so I must say.
If you want to stay down in the deep,
then I know where to find you.
But if you can find the strength to leap.
I will pull you up to higher ground.


I can feel the burning bitter truth
Staring back at me, but it's all that I can see.
If placing blame eliminates the pain, well it seems that it's all the same.